Mylan organizes HIV Summit in South Africa

The Mylan Team organized the inaugural Mylan HIV Summit on March 29-30 in Durban; the epicentre of the HIV epidemic in South Africa (SA). The theme of the meeting was 'Changing Status', aligned with the objective of bringing about positive change to multiple realms within the HIV environment - change to the patient, change to the way that clinicians manage HIV and change to the way that Mylan SA contributes toward the fight against HIV.

HIV is a public health priority for SA with 19 % of the global population living with HIV in the country. The country also accounts for 15 % of new infections and 11 % of AIDS-related deaths, annually1.  Mylan’s global HIV initiative is one of the company’s key priorities and represents part of the continued commitment to provide patients, in low and middle-income countries access to medicines across a broad array of therapeutic categories.

This HIV Summit saw two parallel tracks running concurrently, addressing 24 cutting-edge HIV and TB-related topics, which were presented by 21 of the leading HIV specialists in SA. The participants of the summit were also addressed by an internationally renowned Infectious Diseases Specialist from Zambia, which elevated the academic platform to greater levels.

The 2019 Mylan HIV Summit was a pivotal event as it helped to connect with more than 100 clinicians who gained access to the latest in HIV academia, by means of an international congress format. The introduction of a digital platform allowed delegates to be more interactive, to network, and ask live questions; at the same time have immediate access to the presentations.

HIV Key Opinion Leaders assisted in the development of the academic agenda, ensuring a balanced and robust academic platform of quality and world class standard. This unified approach to academic excellence has aided Mylan in maximizing resources, whilst establishing Mylan as a leading Pharmaceutical Company in SA and working together with clinicians to manage HIV more effectively. As Mylan, we remain committed in providing the people of SA access to high quality ARVs to combat the menace of the deadly disease.