Generic drugs are tried-and-true versions of brand-name pharmaceuticals and have been used by millions for decades. While the active pharmaceutical ingredient in a generic drug and its proprietary counterpart are chemically identical, generic drugs typically cost far less than brand-name drugs because their producers don’t have to invent them from scratch.

The generics industry continues to grow as an aging population, a strong desire to reduce health care costs, and an increasing reliance on generics continue to fuel demand. Mylan is armed and ready to continue to seamlessly and efficiently deliver high quality products at competitive prices that offer solutions to health care demands across the globe.

Mylan's business in South Africa is one of the fastest growing generic pharmaceuticals companies in the country.

We provide high quality, cost-effective treatments to patients in a variety of therapeutic categories. These include:

Mylan Specialty Care Portfolio
   • Antibiotics
   • Anti- Emetics
   • Oncology
   • Other

Mylan Primary Care Portfolio
   • Antibiotics
   • Anti-fungals
   • Antihistamines
   • Cardiovascular
   • CNS
   • Diabetes
   • Gastroenterology
   • Musculoskeletal
   • Urology